Ben Fowler 

CrossFit Athlete, Coach and Programmer

Before I started CrossFit I played rugby and only really worked out in the off season. I managed to make the Canterbury rep teams every year and wanted to get stronger to continue getting better. I was introduced to CrossFit by a rugby coach who said it would be a perfect thing to do for strength and conditioning on days we didn't train, so I ended up going to the 5:30am classes with my mum.

At first I only did CrossFit to supplement my rugby during the off season, but eventually I found myself enjoying the CrossFit training more than the rugby and drifted towards that as a career path. I feel like I have one of the best crews and I always enjoy being at the gym coaching and training for the majority of my week. My biggest influences would have to be my mum and dad (obviously). My mum is always in the gym training with me and helps create the best training environment inside the Shed. I aspire to be like my dad who was an Olympic cyclist and common wealth games medalist. I always enjoyed looking at my dads medals and can't wait for the day I can win some of my own.

At the moment I am fortunate enough to be a full time coach and put most of my time into the gym. Outside of actual coaching I also do programming for gyms and people who are looking for a specific direction in training. My goals in CrossFit are to compete at The Games at the top of the field for plenty of years and eventually rack up some gold medals.

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