Frequently Asked Questions



How can Kill Cliff Recover help me?

KILLCLIFF Recover delivers a unique blend of nutrients formulated for those participating in strenuous exercise and physical exertion. The ingredients can be broken down into four main groups: Anti-Inflammatory, Stress Relief, Circulatory health, Digestive Help

Anti-Inflammatory Agents

The anti-inflammatory ingredients in Kill Cliff Recover are Ginger Extract, Milk Thistle, and Bromelain. Everybody who trains is familiar with the stiffness and soreness caused by inflammation. We thought, How great would it be if you didn’t have to deal with those symptoms the next day? So we set to find out, and came up with Kill Cliff Recover, and what do you know? It works great!

De-Stressing Your Body

Kill Cliff Recover contains Taurine and Ginseng Root Powder to help reduce physiological stress caused by working out. Taurine prevents oxidative stress induced by exercise and Ginseng Root Powder is an all-natural adaptogen (a product that increases the body’s resistance to stress). Hard training and work outs put a lot of stress on your body, and Kill Cliff Recover helps your body recover from that stress easier.

Improving Blood Flow

We also add Green Tea Extract , Inositol, and Caffeine for overall circulatory health. Green Tea is a well-recognized anti-oxidant and removes free radicals from your body. Inositol helps your circulatory system stay strong and able to pump blood to and from your muscles more efficiently to remove waste from hard physical activity. And while caffeine is well known as a stimulant, it also causes blood vessels to open and let blood flow more freely. Some caffeine is advised, however anything more than 25mg is not advisable for recovery and acts more as a stimulant.

Digestive Help

And the last group of ingredients is a special formula specifically designed to help you get the most from your post workout meal. It contains: Glucuronolactone, a precursor for ascorbic acid synthesis Lipase, which breaks down fats in the digestive system Amylase, which breaks down starches Protease 4.5, which helps digest protein, Invertase, which helps break down sugar, Beta-Glucanase to help break down fibre, Serrazimes, which are digestive enzymes As you can see, no matter what you eat after your workout, your body will be ready to efficiently digest and absorb more of it to help you recover quicker and more fully, leaving you ready to get back at it.

Kill Cliff Recover is a serious sports recovery drink that has been scientifically developed.

Less caffeine • NO sugar • Clean (Contains no artificial flavours, sweeteners, or colours) • Anti-inflammatory • Gut supportive

How soon after my workout should I consume Kill Cliff Recover?

Science has shown that the best time to consume nutrients for recovery after a workout, (especially carbohydrates as found in Kill Cliff Recover, and in protein), is as soon after activity as realistically possible.  Where this is not an option it is preferred to consume carbohydrates and protein within 30 to 60 minutes after the workout.

Is Kill Cliff Recover only suitable for after workouts?

Kill Cliff Recover is designed as a post workout beverage, with specific benefits to the body for recovery.  However, as Kill Cliff Recover is made with only natural ingredients it is suitable to be consumed at any time of the day or night and is seen as an ideal replacement for other soda’s and beverages.  As with anything we advise caution around consumers being aware of the caffeine content (25mg per 333ml can) and additionally the amount of carbohydrates (13 grams per can) if you are on a macro counting diet.

How many cans of Kill Cliff Recover can I drink at once?

As with any food or beverage we urge you to consider the ingredients and read the label. Kill Cliff Recover contains caffeine, (25mg per 333ml can), therefore care should be taken with consumption.  The Au/NZ Food Standards Regulations state “Contains caffeine. Not suitable for children, pregnant or lactating women, or anyone sensitive to caffeine” as a warning statement allowing people to make their own judgement calls. It is advised to consume one can immediately following your workout.  However, consumers can make their own decision as to more cans thereafter, with the information. In comparison, Kill Cliff Recover has 25mg of caffeine in one 330ml can. One 100gram chocolate bar contains 20mg of caffeine and one cup of instant coffee contains 61mg of caffeine.  We believe Kill Cliff can be safely consumed in multiple cans.

I’ve been purchasing Kill Cliff Recover and can’t decide on a favourite.  Is there any way I can try all of them?

If you are like the rest of us, you won’t be able to narrow down the 5 flavours to just one favourite.  Or you may be in a household with different tastes.  This is where the mixed pack comes in.  A tray of 24 cans will have 4 cans of every flavour to try and a few extras thrown in for good measure.  This way everyone is sure to be happy.

How does Kill Cliff Recover fit my macros?

Kill Cliff Recover contains only one macro for you to factor in.  It contains 13 grams of carbs, which of course is needed for recovery to replenish your glycogen stores.  No fat or protein is in Kill Cliff Recover.  However, don’t forget, the enzymes in Kill Cliff Recover will ensure a more efficient digestion of your post workout meal, helping you to replenish vital macros like protein and fat for the best recovery.

Is Kill Cliff Recover suitable for my family and children to drink?

Absolutely yes! Getting your family off soda is vital and Kill Cliff Recover is a great substitute.  Kill Cliff Recover contains NO sugar and has only a minimal amount of caffeine in it (25mg, the same as 1 cup of green tea or the same amount of caffeine eaten in a 100gram bar of chocolate). 

Additionally, all of our ingredients are “clean”, with no added flavours, colours or nasties found in other carbonated beverages.  With five flavours to choose from Kill Cliff Recovery is bound to be a hit.

I’ve seen on the USA website that Kill Cliff has other products. Will we be able to have those in New Zealand also?

Yes. Kill Cliff has in fact designed an entire performance system of drinks and all of these will be made available in New Zealand.

Ignite was recently launched. A pre workout drink containing 150mg of caffeine from natural sources, with maximum bang, designed to get your system up and ready to smash your goals.

Endure is an intra workout drink with a new sugar (discovered and owned by Kill Cliff) that is a slow release sugar, reducing the glucose/insulin spikes seen in other sports drinks.  This proprietary sugar  is on the lower end of the glycaemic index relative to other sugars and provides a slow and sustained release of carbohydrate fuel. 

As with all of our beverages, these drinks are clean and have only natural ingredients in them.

The addition of these two drinks to New Zealand, completing the performance system, will be within the next 6 months and will allow Kill Cliff New Zealand to offer pre workout, intra workout and post workout beverages.  Watch this space for launch dates and information.