CrossFitter, Games Athlete, Extreme Fisherman, Free Diver.

Jack Laker

Jack Laker a 16 year old Athlete, who lives in Waiuku 45min south of Auckland, made it to the CrossFit Games in 2017 at just 15 years old.

Having always been into sports and fitness, from BMX and rugby to soccer and orienteering, Jack found his way into CrossFit on his 11th birthday to help with off season rugby fitness.

Jack soon fell in love with CrossFit and the realisation that he was keeping up with adults, soon showed his potential.

Seeking specialist Olympic Weightlifting coaching and hours in his garage at home and the local gym training with his father, Jack started doing CrossFit competitions.  Jack has now competed in 12, ending on the podium in 10 of these.

Jack attributes his strong work ethic to the fact he has always worked for pocket money from a very young age and with the support of his family understands that hard work will get you places.  “Putting in huge hours a week training and making sacrifices has got me where I am today. I am an extremely determined person and once I set my mind on something I give it 100% “.

Placing 24th in the 2018 CrossFit Open and then onto 14th in the online qualifier, sealed his spot at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit games in Madison USA. 

After overcoming nerves and a huge week of competing Jack finished 7th in the world of the 14 – 15yr boys with 2 event wins.

Whilst this success has spurred Jack on to do even better, he remains firmly grounded and committed to ensuring his training, nutrition and recovery are of the best quality he can access.  In his spare time Jack loves water based sports, especially extreme fishing, free diving and surfing.

Kill Cliff NZ are proud to be partnering with Jack in his bid to get back to the games and taking a spot on the podium.  Should you wish to support Jack in his ventures please contact us at team@killcliff.co.nz or buy Kill Cliff drinks online at www.killcliff.co.nz using Jack’s discount code of “laker155”.