Luke Fowler 


I am 21 years old from Christchurch. I have been doing CrossFit since late 2017 after I got convinced by my mum to come along to some classes with her. A lot of credit goes to her as we learnt heaps from her, and she encouraged us to really get into it. My mum and stepdad own our CrossFit gym called ‘The Shed’ which is our new gym that we built in Lincoln, Christchurch, New Zealand and we are extremely proud of it. Myself and my brother Ben are coaches, as well as doing the gyms programming and we do the majority of the admin there too. If you are in Christchurch, you should definitely come check it out!

I have always been really into sports, mainly football and I played that for around 12 years before changing to CrossFit. When I started CrossFit, my brother Ben was much better than me, I hated losing and I have always been quite competitive so naturally I wanted to get better, so I didn't get smoked by him every day. We've ended up pushing each other lots in training which has definitely helped us improve and are always bouncing ideas off each other and looking for ways to help get us to where we want to be.

This year my main goal was to qualify in the top 30 men in Oceania so that I could go to the Torian pro which I have done, so I will be going there in May 2021 to test myself and see where I’m at. I am hoping to get in the top 10 or 15… Then in the next year or two I want to get to the CrossFit games and one day be the champ.

When I'm not doing CrossFit, I'm still at the gym either coaching the class or doing some personal training or occasionally getting beaten up trying to do MMA with my other two brothers.

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