Our Story

Our drinks are engineered to support the needs of warriors like you. We know that you're awesome and you deserve it. Our line of performance drinks help you operate at your best because we know in life there are no off days and that quitting is not an option.

KILL CLIFF® was founded by Todd Ehrlich, a U.S. navy seal, who saw a need in the market for sports drinks that taste amazing and actually benefit you. beverages commonly found on grocery store shelves are full of artificial ingredients or lack functionality. todd’s goal was to make something better. after years of research and testing, he came up with the original formula for kill cliff recovery drink.

Since then KILL CLIFF® has expanded into a complete performance system to help you before, during, and after a tough workout, long days, or just when you need to get back to full speed.

The name Kill Cliff is based on the philosophy of “Killing the Quit” – that is when you feel like quitting, you have to kill that feeling and push on. A feeling encountered often by Navy Seals and by athletes in their chosen sport. The name Cliff was picked at random and has no reference to a person.


If you would like to talk to us about Kill Cliff and the range of beverages or would like to stock them at your affiliate, gym, sports club, health store, or workplace vending machine please call Jillian  0800 545 525 (0800 KILL CLIFF)

Kill Cliff

New Zealand

The distribution of Kill Cliff in New Zealand and Australia is through HWPO Ltd, an acronym made famous by three times world fittest man, Mat Fraser.  Standing for Hard Work Pays Off, the company directors Shaun and Jillian O’Neill, thought this would be a perfect name for their company and encompasses their general philosophy in life.

Avid CrossFitters, Shaun and Jillian saw an opportunity to bring to New Zealand the US based performance drinks offered by Kill Cliff. That is, drinks for pre workout (Ignite), during workout (Endure) and post workout (Recovery). As master’s athletes, they both appreciate and embrace the need for effective rehab, recovery and good nutrition.

The brand of Kill Cliff and their range of researched and especially designed clean sports beverages, fits with their lifestyle and are products they believe in and use daily.